beer draft

Manny’s Pale Ale  $4
Mac and Jack’s “African Amber”  $4
White  $4
Rotating Seasonal  $4.50  
Rotating IPA $4.50  

glass white wines

Hess Chardonnay  $7.00 / $26.00
Highlighting lemon and lime, followed with pineapple and tropical fruits

Barnard Griffin Chardonnay
 $6.25 / $22.00
Crisp, light oak with delicate citrus, pear and peach

Firesteed Pinot Gris  $7.00 / $26.00
Aromatic with tropical fruit and citrus flavors

CMS Sauvignon Blanc  $7.00 / $26.00
Bright and balanced with fresh pineapple and grapefruit and a clean, crisp finish

Fetzer Quartz White Blend  $6.00 / $21.00
Full body of Chardonnay mixed with floral and spicy notes of Riesling,
Gewurztraminer and Pinot Grigio

Kung Fu Girl Riesling  $6.75 / $24.00
Aromatic, smooth, vibrant and tasty with flavors of tangerine, apricot,
wet stone, key lime, clove and nectarine

Barnard Griffin Rose of Sangiovese $7.25 / $27.00
Beautiful blush wine with ripe raspberry, rose petals and a sweet-tart balanced finish


glass red wines

Hogue Merlot  $6.00 / $21.00
Bright, fruit driven with plum, cranberry, cedar, cinnamon, nutmeg and subtle oak
Okanogan Pinot Noir $7.00 / $26.00
Medium-bodied, well balanced, notes of dark cherries and cloves

Powers Malbec  $7.00 / $26.00
Balanced with plum, pomegranate, cherries and dark berries

H.I.P. Cabernet
$7.00 / $26.00
Well-balanced cab with full bodied flavorsmand a dry finish

KR (killer red) Syrah $7.25 / $28.00
hints of blueberry and plum, balanced with a smoky finish

Thorny Rose Red Blend $7.00 / $27.00
Full bodied, dry, juicy, with black cherry, plum, chocolate and medium mocha oak

Notebook $5.75 / $21.00
Fruit driven with flavors of cherry, raspberry, red currant and fig. Hints of cinnamon,
sandalwood and clove. Smooth finish


bottle red wines

Helix Cabernet $28.00
Full bodied, bold blackberry with a dry finish


bottle beers

Guinness (can) $4.50
Kokanee $3.00
Bud Light $3.00
Coors Light $3.00
Corona  $3.50
Seasonal Cider $5.00
Clausthaler non-alcoholic  $3.50
Stella Artois $4.50


b e v e r a g e s

RC Cola $1.95
Diet Rite $1.95
7-up $1.95
Root Beer $1.95

San Pellegrino sparkling mineral water 250ml $1.95

Mixed Berry Lemonade $2.95
Lemonade $1.95

Iced Tea $1.95

Coffee (Craven’s organic, fair trade Picabu blend) $2.25
Decaf (Craven’s organic, fair trade) $2.25

“Two Leaves & a Bud”  single region teas $2.25:

Earl Grey
Alpine Berry
Orange Sencha
Goji Tropical Green
Tamayokucha Green Tea






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